October 16, 2013

Technical Project Solutions Inc.
Stouffville, Ontario,
L4A 7X4

Ref: Letter of Reference

To Whom it may concern,

It is a pleasure to present this letter of recommendation to AGM Surveyors & Engineers. Over the past six (6) years AGM has provided a value added service to us on three Heavy Industrial construction projects in the province of Ontario.

Surveying for precision in Heavy Industrial Manufacturing Plants is not a daily practice, however once in a while we need to be exact when working on large Capital projects. Each of the three projects was unique and presented the AGM staff and field personnel a combination of challenges. Some of the obstacles were height, dust, vibration, and a clear site line.

Our first project for AGM was to confirm the location of a cut line and the roundness on a steel cylindrical vessel. The challenge was the location of the vessel which was 61m (200ft) above grade, 30m (100ft) tall, 6m (20ft) in diameter and suspended on the side of a 34 storey building. AGM provided a detailed drawing confirming dimensions that allowed us to fabricate a replacement section and confirmed the location for the cut line which reduced our fit-up and installation time.

The latest project took AGM to new heights on top of four newly constructed 18 storey concrete silos. As part of our Quality Control program we required the position of the steel roof beams to ensure the correct placement of almost 60 openings and embedment’s which would be installed into the silos concrete roof. Again, AGM provided a detailed drawing confirming the final positions.

I have always enjoyed working with the AGM office staff and on-site field personnel; they have always provided their services in a timely and professional manner. I look forward to sharing my next surveying challenge with AGM Surveyors and Engineers.




John Paterson

Construction Manager

Technical Project Solutions Inc.